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The new Basecamp features an entirely new innovative interface. All new code. Brand new tech. And some serious hardware backing it all up.



DuckDuckGo Is Growing


- Direct queries per dayより

DuckDuckGoはここ数カ月で順調に伸びている検索エンジンで、Union Square Venturesが投資している東海岸のStartup。 「bang syntax」という独自のクエリーコマンドの機能があり、うまく使いこなせればマウスに触れることなく操作ができる。エンジニアの間で特に人気みたいだ。


Google: 30億     
Yahoo:  2億8000万         
Bing:   8000万 


Congrats to Marco Arment

InstapaperでおなじみのMarco Armentがパパになるらしい。


The Most Innovative Companies (2009~2012) via Fast Company

Fast Companyが発表している「The Most Innovative Companies」のTop10の変遷をメモ。


1. Team Obama
2. Google
3. Hulu
4. Apple
5. Cisco Systems
6. Intel
7. Pure Digital Technologies
8. Wuxi Pharma Tech
9. Amazon
10. Ideo


1. Facebook
2. Amazon
3. Apple
4. Google
5. Huawei
6. First Solar
7. PG&E
8. Novartis
9. Walmart
10. HP


1. Apple
2. Twitter
3. Facebook
4. Nissan
5. Groupon
6. Google
7. Dawning Information Industry
8. Netflix
9. Zynga
10. Epocrates


1. Apple
2. Facebook
3. Google
4. Amazon
5. Square
6. Twitter
7. Occupy Movement
8. Tencent
9. Life Technologies
10. SolarCity
50. Y combinator

Google’s First Employee Join Khan Academy

Google’s very first employee, Craig Silverstein, is leaving the company to join the high-profile online learning phenom, Khan Academy.

Craig Silversteinは、Googleがまだスタンフォードの大学院のプロジェクトだったときに雇われた社員だ。Larry PageとSergey Brinに次ぐ、Googleの社員No.3である。いまの検索エンジンの核を作った人と言っても過言ではない。
Khan Academyにとっては、昨年のjqueryの作者、John Resigに次ぐ著名人のハイアリングになる。Khan Academyのチームを改めて見ると、かなり多様な人材を揃えていることがわかる。

Quotes From Sam Altman

LooptのFounder、Sam Altmanの名言を引用メモ。

-Get ready for high highs and low lows, and practice keeping yourself in the middle or you’ll never get good work done. You’re going to be pretty sure your company is dying at least once a month, and it usually isn’t. This is very important and very difficult to learn.

-Focus on the product, especially in the early days. You’ll have time to make deals later. Now, you’ve got to build something great.

-If you hire, do it very slowly and carefully. The culture of a company is set very early, and so is the quality of the team.

-Don’t be afraid to change your idea if the market seems bad. Early is a good time to do it. You can change your product, you can change your team, you can change your sales strategy, but you can probably not create a market. Good startups surf someone else’s wave.

-Figure out what the important things are, and spend lots time on those and little on the rest. Lots of startups work very hard, but on the wrong things. They still die an untimely death.

-Watch out for fights and brewing tension among cofounders (ie, make sure everyone feels they have a reasonably fair deal). I’ve seen this derail more early startups than anything else. And, if you are really sure you have the wrong cofounder, fire fast.

-The startups in my Y Combinator ‘class’ that tanked the fastest were the ones that spent the most time worrying about option grants for members of their board of advisors and the least time on their product. Could be a coincidence, but why risk it? Build your product.

-Great products, technology, and people win the day in the long run. History backs this up. Do not be afraid of competitors without them, no matter how much money they raise or how much noise they make.

-It’s most tempting to give up right before you’re about to succeed.

Best of luck, Sam Altman
-(More advice for new Y Combinator foundersより)

現実歪曲フィールドとは Steve Jobsがもっている現実を歪ませるほどのカリスマ的影響力のことを指して言われるが、GreplinのDaniel Gross曰く、Sam Altmanにも同様の現実歪曲フィールドがあるという。(Daniel GrossはPaul Grahamにもあると言っている)「Startups Open Sourced」より

またSam Altmanは、Paul Grahamにここ30年で最も惹かれるFounder五人のうちの一人だと称されている。

According to Paul Graham, Loopt’s Sam Altman is one of the five most interesting founders of the last three decades. There’s a simple reason for it: he really knows what he’s doing.

StripeのFounder、Patrick Collisonも、Stripeのアーリー期にSam Altmanのアドバイスにどれほど助けられたかについてコメントしている。(Sam AltmanはStripeに初期から投資している)

His advice has consistently been clear, useful, and correct. He’s also gone way beyond the call of duty in helping us on a number of occasions.

Though this is only tangentially related to the story, I’ll take the chance to say: if you ever happen to have the chance to have Sam invest in your company, I strongly recommend availing of it.

Sam Altmanのその他の素晴らしい名言はHacker News上のコメントで。

Progress Report

Setting aside time on a daily or weekly basis to reflect on the day is a powerful productivity hack.

先週何をやったか。なんてことはない一週間の進捗報告だけど、 きっちりできるかどうかで組織の生産性は大きく違ってくる。
シリコンバレーの有名企業は、かっこいいプロジェクトネームまでつけてこの進捗報告を習慣化している。 記事によると、Googleでは「Snippets」という週間進捗をメールする習慣、Facebookでは「Colbert」という同様の習慣がある。 Squareでは名前はないけど、社員がCOOのKeith Raboisに週間進捗を直接メールしている。 (Raboisの仕事量^^;)


At Palantir, they do email snippets because they have a very strong culture against meetings. In addition, email as an interface avoids the issues with, for instance, CRMs, where employees spend valuable time logging into a system and entering highly structured information or they don’t use it at all.


Solve for X

Googleの興味深いプロジェクトがリークされている。 詳しくは今後発表されるだろうけど、 世の中のあらゆる問題に対してクレイジーな解決策を議論する場らしい。 GeekっぽいTEDみたいな感じになるんだろうか。


去年の夏ごろに書かれたPaul Buchheitのエッセイ、I am nothing が禅の考え方にとても近い。

By returning to zero expectations, by accepting that I am nothing, it is easier to see the truth. Fear, jealousy, insecurity, unfairness, embarrassment – these feelings cloud our ability to see what is.

Ben Horowitzもこれに近いことを起業家の教訓として Nobody Caresという題で書いている。

That might be the best CEO advice ever. Because, you see, nobody cares. When things go wrong in your company, nobody cares. The press doesn’t care, your investors don’t care, your board doesn’t care, your employees don’t care, even your mama doesn’t care. Nobody cares.

個人的に好きな2つのエッセイ。 ネガティブなとき、読み返したい。


Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.